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Exactly what is The Rustic Shop?Ruffles and Lace. Burlap and Flowers. Camo and Conchos. Chic and vintage. Rustic is a variety of styles, fashions, lifestyles, and patterns. It's the little woman with a ruffles and lace gown. It's a house filled with decor of burlap and flowers. It's the hunter or huntress covered in camo or the rodeo cowgirl with tassles and conchos. It is a mix of nation, vintage, cowgirl, chic, shoddy, antiqued, western, and more ... And together we are Rustic.How did The Rustic Shop start?The Rustic Shop was built on the heart and soul of our devoted founder - Kimmie Klock. Growing up her moms and dad's taught her the true meaning of life and the significance of difficult work. She has constantly been a natural leader and has years of management, sales, and marketing experience. Born and raised a farmer's child and true outdoors fanatic, she enjoys fishing, camping, four-wheeling, and c and w."When she was 3 years of ages on her daddy's knee, he said you can be anything you wish to be." - Faith HillCombine the motivation from Kimmie's daddy, her expert experience, and her love for the Rustic life and the outcome was The Rustic Shop. Introducing in April of 2014, there was a frustrating response to the Rustic Representative chance. With Kimmie & & business's stable but sluggish technique to company growth and expansion, we have actually constructed a solid foundation for our company as a ground-floor chance. We are now sneaking up on our 1 year anniversary and have a lot to be happy with. The future looks really bright for The Rustic Shop team.Who represents The Rustic Shop?As for our Rustic Representatives - they originate from all walks of life. From rodeo cowgirls, backwoods girls, and southern belles to hard-working folks simply attempting to earn additional income for their household. Or perhaps a combination of all the above. Our Rustic Representatives are fun to deal with, hard-working, and dedicated to promoting the Rustic method of living. Since after all ... isn't that the very best way of life?The Rustic Shop is your one stop purchase all things rustic. We offer rhinestone purses and wallets, fashion tops and accessories, rustic home design, primitive wooden indications, handmade products, and support several family-owned companies. We take a lot of pride in offering distinct products, fast shipping, and friendly customer support. We hope that you will certainly delight in everything that The Rustic Shop has to provide. We genuinely value your continued support. We bring in new products essentially weekly, so return often!COME ON IN and CHECK United States OUT!!! /?store=cutencountry.